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Czapka zimowa z angorą



Czapka zimowa z angory



Czapka zimowa z angorą



Sportowa czapka damska



Czapka damska z wełny i bawełny



Czapka zimowa z angorą



Czapka moherowa


Preston II unisex

Czapka zimowa z wełny



Czapka z wełny i bawełny



Damska czapka z pomponem



Czapka bawełniana



Komin wełniany damski



Czapka damska z angorą



Sportowa czapka zimowa



Gruba czapka z wełny i wiskozy



Wełniana czapka skandynawska


Islay unisex

Czapka zimowa z czystej wełny



Gruba czapka z wełny merino



Czapka z wełny i wiskozy



Czapka damska z wełna angorską



Czapka zimowa z wiskozą



Czapka wimoza damska


Nevada II

Czapka z wełny extrafine


Derby unisex

Sportowa czapka z bawełną


Manufacturer of winter women’s hats.
A large selection and interesting designs
Manufacturer of winter women’s hats. Are you looking for an offer of winter wool hats for your store? You need an elegant and warm winter hat with a pompom? Don’t limit yourself, choose a different model for each situation. Or you can go for something more universal. In our online store you will find a variety of styles to choose from and colors. We know that as many women, so many styling ideas. Of course, we follow fashion trends, but we like to return to the classics and refer to the retro style. Do you prefer fitted or looser hats? The “smurf” type, with an imprint or an interesting application? See what we have prepared for you.

Wool women’s winter hats, manufacturer
Winter hats made of Polish wool. Here you will find many designs and cuts of winter hats, you can also order hats with your own print and logo. The TEMI model is a single-layer cap decorated with an original welt. It is very nice and soft to the touch. It is available in several colors, so you can easily choose the right shade for your coat. If you want to liven up your look a little, check out the FLOW model. This cut is beautifully arranged on the head, and the decoration is made of a combination of specially designed embroidery and pearls.

Winter hats for the 2020 season
Winter women’s hats with a pompom for the 2020 season, especially those with a faux fur pompom are fashionable. We recommend the VERONA, SHOW or TICINO models. The latter pattern is lined with a fleece strip for extra warmth. The TICINO pattern is made of a combination of merino wool and acrylic. It fits nicely on the head, is pleasant to the touch and does not irritate the skin of the forehead. If you like playing with vivid colors and prints, you’ll love the L.O.

Loman, manufacturer of women’s wool caps
We produce many woolen models, but you will also find berets here. The BERETTO model is our novelty. This is our own interpretation of a woman’s beret. It refers to the French style, there was also a classic antenna. The SASI model is a beret-shaped cap that fits both casual and elegant outfits.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store. We guarantee that there is a lot to choose from.

Fashionable patterns of women’s winter hats from the direct manufacturer
The changing seasons mean that new designs of women’s winter hats are appearing in stores. How do you meet this in order to look fashionable, but not to buy a new hat every year? It is enough to choose classic styles that look good anytime, anywhere. If you like muted and darker shades, go for grays. The color is not demanding and you can combine it with any other. It is not a binding color, you can wear such a hat with an elegant coat and a sports jacket. The Zenit II cap model is made of a combination of wool, acrylic and Rayon viscose. Its main decoration is a shiny thread with sequins. Despite its casual cut, it also suits more elegant outfits. Clover I has a delicate, feminine application. It is made of wool and polyamide, i.e. a cashmere yarn. This makes it soft. Our offer is available in several subdued colors.

Women’s sports hat, not only for active women
A sports hat for women will be perfect for a walk or a bicycle trip, but it is not only intended for women who like to spend time actively. It will also suit everyday styling. As you may have noticed, down jackets and coats have been invariably fashionable for several seasons. Nothing will look as good as a colorful hat. Do you like patterns inspired by your mom’s or grandma’s knitting needles? The Jak u mama model is a classic mint-colored cap with hem. If you want to turn up your look, put it on a sheepskin coat or a black wool coat. Formula L.O. is finished with an original pompom. It is intended for both women, men, and young people. Set this hat with your favorite jeans, warm boots, and a short jacket. If you are looking for something that will make you stand out from the crowd, see the Print cap, which will work on slightly cold days. Perfect even when going out to dance with friends.

Is women’s winter beret stylish?
The women’s winter beret associated with her beloved grandmother can completely change the outfits. We assure you that you will not look like an old lady in any of them. The Beretto model is a novelty in the Loman store collection. This is our variation on the beret, we all agree that it is very successful. In the classic style with an antenna, metal eyelets give it a modern and interesting look. The Monza model also has an interesting pattern. Women’s beret with a visor finished with tape. Metal rivets give it an extraordinary look. If you are looking for a hat with a design referring to the shape of the beret, see the Terra model. The pattern of cracked earth is eye-catching.

Women’s winter accessories from a Polish manufacturer, high-quality materials
Check out our offer and see for yourself that winter