Material sustainability certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and RWS play a key role in the fashion industry by promoting responsible production practices and an eco-friendly approach. They guarantee that the materials used in clothing production are free from harmful chemicals and manufactured with respect for the environment and workers’ rights. Such certificates build the brand’s reputation and the trust of consumers, who are increasingly seeking conscious purchasing choices.

LOMAN selects materials suppliers based on their ability to produce such certificates. We do this for customers interested in ethical fashion, which contributes to creating a more responsible and transparent fashion industry.

All LOMAN 100% wool products are made of yarn certified by the Australian Woolmark Certification, part of Australian Wool Innovation. This certificate guarantees quality and is obtained due to meticulous and complex verification.

Every year, our mills undeniably declare that sheep bred by suppliers are NOT subjected to mulesing, a painful procedure to keep the wool clean.

Some of our yarns (and the number is constantly growing!) are certified by the Responsible Wool Standard. This means caring for the well-being and safety of animals throughout the entire supply chain. The certificate is awarded when the entire production process from the farm to the final product is carried out correctly.

This certificate ensures high safety for artificial materials, including viscose. OEKO TEX materials do not contain substances harmful to health. The certificate goes ahead even if the law does not regulate it yet.

A voluntary system in Italy managed by Union Filiere and promoted by Unioncamere and the Italian Chambers of Commerce. It aims to certify and increase the value of ‘made in Italy’ supply chain products. Italian quality – that’s it!