The production of hats and scarves under our own brand is our flagship cooperation proposal. Loman is a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, and our offer includes both production and design services.

When ordering caps and scarves from us under your own brand, you can choose one of our available designs or put on your own.

We can also prepare a new project at the customer’s request so that you get exactly what you need. We are able to produce your original project as a whole. We also offer many timeless and universal models that can be branded by the customer.

How to order hats with Your own logo?

You can order a hat with your own logo after meeting a few requirements. First of all, these are the requirements for the number of items ordered.

  • If you need a ready-made design in which you want to change colors, then the minimum order is 30 pieces.
  • Secondly, adding a logo to an existing hat design requires an order of 100 pieces for a given model.
  • In the case of winter hats produced under their own brand and with their own print design on the cap and with yarn supplied by the customer, the minimum order is 250-300 pieces. Such an order must contain 2-3 colors of the cap.
  • For all caps in 1 color, you must order 250 pieces.

Additional questions? Write us or give us a call:

+48 (33) 812 62 94

What is the fee for preparing an individual print on the cap?

The fee for preparing an individual print on the hat or your own model of the hat is 200 PLN net / 50 euro. This amount is deducted from the total invoice when the production order is placed. The fee for the preparation of the print is collected in connection with the need for our programmers and designers to prepare a special computer program, which is then loaded into the knitting machine.

What is the processing and shipping time for wholesale and production orders?

The time of project implementation on a special request is set individually with the client. Wholesale orders for stores and wholesalers that order products with the Loman logo are shipped within 7 business days.

The rush hour period is in August / September because then we ship all production orders.

Conditions for ordering your own collection of hats and scarves:

Additional questions? Write us or give us a call:

+48 (33) 812 62 94

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