Woolen docker hat No. 1



Dockerka made of 100% wool.
Perfect for cold winter days.
Several color options available.
Size: 55-57

Woolen docker hat No. 1

Woolen docker hat made of 100% merino wool. Delicate and flexible, fits any head. Hat with a classic turnover and ribbed stitching.

Available in several color variants: navy blue, red and dark green.

Size: 25 cm in height and 57 cm in circumference.
Composition: Wool (100%)

Wool is a natural fiber of animal origin. We obtain it by cutting off the excess hair of sheep, but there are also types obtained from goats or camels. The most valuable type of wool is cashmere, which wraps around the chins and elbows of cashmere goats. Individual fibers are thin, but very densely accumulated, thanks to which they retain a lot of air and have high insulation values. Wool clothes warm us very well without having to be thick. Its additional features are slow getting dirty and soaking up with moisture. A well-made wool hat, it soaks up rain or fog very slowly for a long time. Thanks to this, it is an excellent companion even in very unfavorable weather.