women’s hat with cashmere Lizbona



Elegant women’s hat with cashmere. Made from a blend of yarns containing, among others, cashmere and viscose. Decorated with a classic cable stitch around the circumference. Sophisticated knitting seams, which were created thanks to the high art of knitting and many years of experience of our designers. Model with a fashionable overhang attached to the back of the hat. In the place of fixing, we placed a plate with the logo of our factory. Hat available in several subdued colors. Also suitable for the Exit scarf.

Composition: polyamide (35%), viscose (30%), merino wool (30%), cashmere (5%)
Size: 55 – 57

The famous cashmere comes from Central Asia, where it is obtained from goats. The most valued one is from the region of the same name – Kashmir, in northern India, at the foot of the Himalayas. Knitted fabrics made of this yarn are extremely soft, delicate, shiny and very pleasant to the touch. They heat very well even in thin products.
They are so delicate that a scarf with a sufficiently light stitch (e.g. a crasso shawl) can easily be pulled through a small ring.

An artificial non-woven fabric of natural origin. It is comparable to cotton, which is made from wood cellulose. It differs from cotton in that it is also subject to chemical treatment. As a result, a material that is well-kept warm and breathable is created.
It works great as an admixture with other yarns. It greatly improves their softness and makes them breathe better.

Acrylic is a synthetic material that is very often used in the production of clothing. It allows you to reduce production costs, and also make it easier, because it can be produced all year round.
It is characterized by high elasticity, resistance to moths, fungi or bacteria and the fact that it does not cause allergic reactions.