Viscose hat Diamond



Elegant viscose hat in its blend of yarns. A thin model, perfect for spring and autumn blows. Decorated with matching color pearls and beads. The material is very soft and pleasant to the touch. It does not bite, it does not pilling.

Composition: 52% viscose, 28% polyester, 20% acrylic
Size: 55 – 57

An artificial non-woven fabric of natural origin. It is comparable to cotton, which is made from wood cellulose. It differs from cotton in that it is also subject to chemical treatment. As a result, a material that is well-kept warm and breathable is created, and it works great as an admixture with other yarns. It greatly improves their softness and makes them breathe better.

A synthetic material that has enjoyed a very bad reputation recently. Used as an admixture to other materials due to its very high durability. We use it mainly in sports models.

Acrylic is a synthetic material that is very often used in the production of clothing. It allows you to reduce production costs, and also make it easier, because it can be produced all year round.
It is characterized by high elasticity, resistance to moths, fungi or bacteria and the fact that it does not cause allergic reactions.