Scarf with cashmere Exit



Elegant scarf with Exit cashmere. A model with a uniform texture, in classic colors. The scarf is made of a yarn that contains, in addition to cashmere, wool and viscose. The mixture is very warm, soft and pleasant to the touch. It does not bite or pilling. Available in a set with a cap in the same colors and of the same material.

Dimensions: 170cm x 27cm
Composition: Top-quality polyamide (35%), viscose (30%), merino wool (30%) and cashmere (5%)

Wool is a natural fiber of animal origin. We obtain it by cutting off the excess hair of sheep, but there are also types obtained from goats or camels. The most valuable type of wool is cashmere, which wraps around the chins and elbows of cashmere goats. The individual fibers of this material are thin, but very densely packed, therefore they retain a lot of air and are characterized by high insulation values. Wool clothes warm us very well without having to be thick.

The famous cashmere comes from Central Asia, where it is obtained from goats. The most valued one is from the region of the same name – Kashmir, in northern India, at the foot of the Himalayas. Knitted fabrics made of this yarn are extremely soft, delicate, shiny and very pleasant to the touch. A well-made cashmere scarf warms very well even in a thin form.