Misty II women’s angora hat



Women’s angora hat Velvet III. Made of a mixture of yarns with extraordinary softness thanks to the admixture of angora. With a classic stitch and a straight turn. Delicate and very warm. Available in several muted colors in pastel shades. The back is decorated with a badge with the logo of our factory.

Composition: angora wool (50%), polyamide (50%)
Size: 55 – 57

Angora rabbit wool. Its acquisition is controversial, so we make sure that ours comes from ethical farms, where only excess rabbit wool is used for yarn, delicately combed on its hair. The form of breeding is comparable to that of sheep. Angora wool is extremely soft and fluffy, and looks like mohair. Women’s angora hat warms very well and does not cause allergies. For some people it can be a bit more biting, so often in our models we line its interior with more friendly material.