Merino Nevada wool hat

Natural merino wool hat. Knitted with a simple overlock stitch with a classic, rather high turn. Hat made of a very dense weave. It is quite thick and solid, but the high quality of our wool makes it breathable, flexible, and non-chewing.


Light grey

Composition: 100% merino wool
Size: 55 – 57

Wool is a natural fiber of animal origin. We obtain it by cutting off the excess hair of sheep, but there are also types obtained from goats or camels. The most valuable type of wool is cashmere, which wraps around the chins and elbows of cashmere goats. Individual fibers are thin, but very densely accumulated, thanks to which they retain a lot of air and have high insulation values. Wool clothes warm us very well without having to be thick. Its additional features are slow getting dirty and soaking up with moisture. A well-made wool hat, it soaks up rain or fog very slowly for a long time. Thanks to temkatau, it is an excellent companion even in very bad weather.

Merino wool
The most valuable kind of wool is sheared from merino sheep. Its fiber is very thin but densely compact. It has excellent thermal properties. It is also very soft and bites less than its related species.