Knitted headband Vigo



Elegant Vigo knitted headband for women. Made of a mixture of yarns called flannel. It is a very elastic and delicate fabric, as well as warm and close to the head.

Circumference: 55-59
Width: 9.5 cm
Composition: acrylic (45%), polyamide (27%), viscose (17%), wool (10%) and elastane (1%)

An artificial non-woven fabric of natural origin. It is comparable to cotton, which is made from wood cellulose. It differs from cotton in that it is also subject to chemical treatment. As a result, a material that is well-kept warm and breathable is created. It works great as an admixture with other yarns. It greatly improves their softness and makes them breathe better.

Synthetic fiber used to, as the name suggests, increase the flexibility of products. We use it as an admixture of yarn in the linings of the edges of the hat so that they stay better on the head. We also sometimes use it in seams to strengthen them.