Cardigan Pearl

Women’s cardigan with buttons in a box cut. The name comes from the type of weave – pearl. V-neckline with ribbed stitching. Fastened with three natural buttons made of shells. Very warm and soft to the touch thanks to the admixture of mohair and angora wool. Available in one size – OVERSIZE cardigan.


Skład 42% acrylic, 30% polyamide, 14% wool, 14% mohair
Wymiary Chest and waist circumference: 54 cm Height: 53 cm Sleeve length: 67 cm Sleeve width in the thickest point: 23 cm Cuff width: 8 cm
Pielęgnacja The cardigan should be hand washed in lukewarm water. Avoid electric dryers. After washing the cardigan, lay it flat on a towel and let it dry quietly. Over time, after prolonged use, it may stretch a bit, but it will return to its original size after washing.