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Women’s angora Velvet III hat
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Pure Classic hat made of wool and acrylic
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Młodzieżowa czapka zimowa z wełną
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Velvet Melange
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Czapka z moherem Pax II
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Classic women’s hat Ariel
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Moon Style
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Damska czapka zimowa z pomponem Dolomiti
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comfortable and roomy
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Orange Braid
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Turkish Eyes
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Slouched Orange
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Polish sports hats for active women

Women’s sports hats offered by the Polish manufacturer of knitting products Loman are for you if you cannot imagine a day without outdoor training or just want to start such training. Be sure to take a look at the collections of knitting products offered by Loman before the autumn-winter period. We offer products thanks to which your head will not freeze while running, riding a bike or exercising in the gym outdoors, and you will gain strength and strength. We offer Polish sports hats for active women, which are perfect for cold days. They will perfectly warm and protect your head, without exposing you to freezing or overheating. Loman sports hats are products made of wool, perfect for sports.

Women’s sports hats in attractive patterns and colors by Polish manufacturer Loman

The Polish winter hat manufacturer Loman creates high-quality woolen sports hats for women. These are products that can be boldly described as creating fashion trends. Their design is developed by a group of designers who are well versed in current trends, creating hats with fashionable patterns, colors, in a word, those that are willingly worn by every fashion-loving woman. Polish sports hats from Loman are an ideal proposition for women who want to look fashionable and feel at ease during training. Specially selected patterns and comfortable cuts make the training run in their own rhythm and without the slightest disturbance. The cap perfectly complements the sporty character of the styling, becoming an indispensable element of winter sports outfit.

Women’s sports hats for every day

Our sports hats for women are not only models intended to be worn in autumn or winter. The rich collection of original products of the Polish manufacturer Loman also includes attractive offers for every day of the year. This means that in our store you will also find sports caps for every season, including spring and summer. When creating our caps, we make sure that they are optimal from every angle. Therefore, our brand sports hats are comfortable to wear. We offer many designs of sports caps, with various cuts, with pompoms, patches, etc. Thanks to this diversity, it is possible to adjust your hat to your lifestyle and activity. And by the way, adjust it to the time of day, weather or season. You will not be afraid of snow, wind, or rain by wearing one of our fashionable hats.